Do you think that boys and girls should attend separate schools? What are advantages and disadvantages?

Education is an important part of children’s lives whether they are boys or girls. Governments should guarantee that both genders get the same level of education without any discrimination between boys and girls. Nowadays there are different kinds of schools like single sex schools and mixed schools. Some countries may encourage separate schools for boys and girls while others support coeducational schools. The selection of school mainly depends upon the parents’ or child’s decision.

There are many advantages to both single sex education and mixed schools.

To begin with, some people think that single sex schools are more effective to teach boys and girls. This type of school encourages students to concentrate on their studies more. Studies show that students in single sex schools are able to perform better in academics as opposed to coed students. In addition, separate schools give more opportunities for students to choose their favourite subjects without any problems. For example, most of the girls choose science for extensive studies. Nowadays boys are very keen on studying hotel management courses and cookery classes.

Grammar schools in Great Britain, which give secondary education of a very high standard and entrance to which is based on the test of ability, are single sexed schools.

There are some disadvantages of separate schools. Some educationists are sure that single sexed schools don’t help pupils become good personalities. If children grow up in separate schools, they would tend to be timid and less cooperative at work in the future.

I completely agree with people who think that boys and girls should attend coeducational schools for many reasons.

Firstly, women nowadays have equal rights with men. They want to make a good career and succeed. There is no job on Earth today that does not involve a woman. Thus, everyone must have the same access to knowledge and experience and it’s only up to a person how hard he or she works to reach his or her goals. If boys and girls attend the same schools and universities, they will get equal opportunities of education.

Secondly, when boys and girls study together they learn how to communicate with each other and how to work in a team. This is very important, because they actually learn how to cooperate with the opposite sex and in this way get  prepared for the life after school.

Thirdly, if boys and girls attend the same schools, they will have better personalities in future.

Furthermore, co-education promotes an atmosphere of competition between boys and girls in studies, arouses passion for work and encourages to show great skills in learning.

One of the downsides of mixed schools where there are both boys and girls is that students might not be able to concentrate with their studies. This is more possible to happen with students who are in high school and college because these are the levels where attraction among students can happen. What is more, according to a study, girls are less confident in coed schools compared to the confidence shown by female students in schools for girls. This is because they tend to be shy around boys in some subjects like Math, Science and Technology.

There are both advantages and disadvantages in mixed-gender schools and parents should take these into consideration when deciding on what school to enroll their children at. This is because the school environment has a great impact on the students.

To sum up, I believe that coed schools teach gender equality, promote socialization, improve children’s communication skills and prepare them for the real life.