Year 2

Let’s learn to speak about New Year’s Day and winter holidays.


fir-tree – ялина

pine-tree – сосна

We decorate fir-trees and pine-trees for Christmas and New Year.

lights – вогні

There are many little lights on the Christmas Tree.

poem – вірш

We learn poems.

recite a poem – декламувати вірш

Children recite poems near the Christmas Tree.

decorate – прикрашати

I like to decorate my room.

New Year – Новий рік

Happy New Year! – З Новим роком!

around – навколо

Children dance and sing around the Christmas Tree.

Santa Claus – Санта Клаус

Christmas Eve – переддень Різдва

Santa Claus comes on the Christmas Eve.

always – завжди

The fir-tree and pine tree are always green.

quickly – швидко

Santa Claus, come quickly here.

Father Frost – Дід Мороз

Father Frost comes on the New Year Day.

Snow-Maiden – Снігуронька

Snow-Maiden has many presents for boys and girls.

present – подарунок

We have many presents on New Year’s Day.

Best wishes for the New Year! – Найкращі побажання з Новим роком!

I wish you happiness! – Бажаю вам щастя!

I wish you good luck! – Бажаю вам успіхів!

I wish you good health! – Бажаю вам доброго здоров’я!

I wish you all the best! – Бажаю вам усього найкращого!

May all your dreams come true! – Хай здійсняться всі ваші мрії!

Merry Christmas! – Веселого Різдва!

holiday – свято

His birthday is his holiday.

song – пісня

They dance together and sing songs around the New Year Tree.

Speak about New Year’s Day and Winter Holidays

  1. New Year’s Day is a happy day.
  2. We have a New Year tree in our school.
  3. The children decorate it with toys, balls and lights.
  4. Children have New Year parties.
  5. Children dance, sing songs, and play games around the New Year tree.
  6. Father Frost and Snow-Maiden give presents to children.
  7. Children like the New Year holiday.
  8. Children have winter holidays.
  9. They play snowballs, make a snowman, skate and ski on their winter holidays.
  10. Children are happy.

Learn poems

Sing a song of winter,

Be happy and gay,

Dance around the snowman,

Come out and play.

In winter, in summer,

In autumn, in spring,

The pretty fir tree

Is always green.


Santa Claus, Santa Claus,

Come to our house,

The New Year is near,

Come quickly here.