Dear Santa,

My name is Liza and I am 12 years old. I am from Ukraine, a beautiful country in Europe.

I hope that you and your elves are all rested up from delivering presents last year.

I want you to know that I have been good this year and I listened to my parents.

I helped my mum with cooking, I helped my sister with doing her homework especially in English.

I helped my granny and grandfathers.

What I want most of all is the war between Ukraine and Russia will have ended!

I want peace on the whole planet! I want all people on the planet be happy. I want animals on Earth do not disappear.

I wish my sister studies well and does not disappoint mummy.

I would love to have two bars of chocolate for mom because she has a sweet tooth.

Thank you for all of the great presents that you gave me last year. Please say hello to the reindeer. I like watching the Christmas movies that show how all of them fly around delivering Christmas gifts..

Sincerely yours,