Read a good Christmas story.

Reading Comprehension Level A1+ Year 5

Easy Reading Before Christmas

                                                   “Enjoy Your Vegetables!”

Mrs. Brown had a small garden behind her house, and in spring she planted some vegetables in it. She looked after them very carefully, and when the summer came, they looked very nice.

One evening Mrs. Brown looked at vegetables and said, “Tomorrow I am going to pick them, and then we can eat them”.

But early the next morning, her son ran into the kitchen and shouted, “Mother, Mother. Come quickly! Our neighbour’s ducks are in the garden and they are eating our vegetables!”

Mrs. Brown ran out, but it was too late! All the vegetables were finished! Mrs. Brown cried, and her neighbour was very sorry, but it was the end of the vegetables.

Then, some months later, a few days before Christmas, the neighbour brought Mrs. Brown a parcel. In it was a beautiful, fat duck, and on it was a piece of paper with the words, “Enjoy your vegetables!”

Vocabulary List

  • behind – за, позаду                                 
  • plant – саджати                                   
  • look after – доглядати                         
  • carefully – дбайливо                            
  • pick – збирати                                    
  • shout – кричати                                  
  • I am going – я збираюсь   
  • word – слово
  • neighbour – сусід, сусідка
  • late – пізно  
  • cry – плакати
  • before – перед
  • bring (brought, brought) – приносити
  • parcel – пакунок

Task 1. Match the phrases with their translation.

  1. behind the house               
  2. to plant vegetables 
  3. to look after 
  4. to pick vegetables 
  5. the neighbour was very sorry 
  6. enjoy your vegetables 

a. приглядати за

b. поза домом

c. саджати овочі

d. насолоджуйтеся своїми овочами

e. збирати овочі

f. сусідка дуже співчувала

Task 2. Complete the sentences.

1. Mrs. Brown had …

a. a small son

b. a small garden

c. a small house

2. In spring she planted … in it.

a. some vegetables

b. some fruit

c. some flowers

3. When the summer came, …

a. she watered them very often

b. she looked after them carelessly

c. they looked very nice

4. One evening she said, “Tomorrow I’m going …”

a. to the market to sell them

b. to cook themc

c. to pick them

5. Her son shouted, “ Our neighbour’s … are in the garden”.

a. dogs

b. ducks

c. hens

6. Mrs. Brown ran out, but it was …

a. too early

b. too late

c. not true

Task 3. Choose the right answer to the questions.

  1. Why did Mrs. Brown’s son cry one morning?
    • Because the neighbour’s ducks ate their vegetables.
    • Because the vegetables were stolen.
    • Because somebody spoiled their vegetables.
  2. What happened a few days before Christmas?
    • The neighbour brought Mrs. Brown a letter.
    • The neighbout brought Mrs. Brown a parcel.
    • The neighbour brought Mrs. Brown the spoilt vegetables.
  3. What was written on a piece of paper?
    • “Enjoy this beautiful fat duck!”
    • “Enjoy your meal!”
    • “Enjoy your vegetables!”

Answer the questions in pen.

  1. Where was Mrs. Brown’s garden?
  2. What did she plant in her garden?
  3. Who ate Mrs. Brown’s vegetables?
  4. Was Mrs. Brown sad or happy?
  5. What did the neighbour bring Mrs. Brown before Christmas?
  6. What kind of person is Mrs. Brown’s neighbour?
  7. What vegetables would you like to plant in your garden?
  8. What are your favourite vegetables?
  9. What do you usually do before Christmas?

Did you like the story? What do British and Ukrainian people do before Christmas?