Would you like to visit Edinburgh Castle?

One of the most popular tourist atractions in Scotland is the famous Edinburgh Castle. It attracts one million visitors each year. lt is special because of its unique history and also because it is the best place for sightseeing in the city.
King David I built the castle in the 12th century as a home for the Scottish royal family. Many kings and queens, including Queen Mary, used to live there. However, in the 17th century, it became a base for the British army and the royal family moved out.
Throughout its history, Edinburgh Castle saw many battles between Scotland and England. This caused a lot of damage to the castle. In 1578, King James VI rebuilt the castle into the building we see today.
Edinburgh Castle is open to visitors 7 days a week. Tickets cost £16 for adults and £9.60 for childrern. The price includes entry to the castle and a map of the castle grounds. Free guided tours are also available throughout the day.