Have practice in writing an announcement.

An international student group is organising events to raise money to help schools in Africa. Your class is going to do a concert and need to make a small poster in English telling people what you’re doing.

The poster should be 60 – 70 words long and include the following points:

  • Tell people about the concert – when and where it is.
  • Give details about what will be performed at the concert.
  • Say why you are raising money.
  • Explain what you want from people.

Dear students and teachers,

Our class would like to invite you for a concert which is going to take place in the school assembly hall at 6 p.m. on Saturday.

There will be some contests, competitions and our school band is going to perform their new songs. There will be a special surprise for the school leavers.

Why are we going to do this concert?

We want to join the international student group in charity activities. We are raising money to help schools in Africa with stationery and textbooks. It is desirable to have some money on you. We want only 20 grn for the entrance and you can also buy some non-alcoholic cocktails.

It will be cool. Don’t miss a chance to have fun! We are waiting for you.

Year 10 students