What subjects do you study in Year 6?

We study many subjects at school, such as Maths, Ukrainian, English, Ukrainian Literature, World Literature, History, Geography, Biology, IT, PE, Art, Music and some others. All the subjects are compulsory.

In Maths we do with numbers. We do all sorts of mathematical calculations. We add numbers (ten plus five is fifteen), subtract numbers (eight minus four is four), multiply numbers (two times six is twelve) or divide numbers (ten divided by two is five).

In Ukrainian language we learn grammar rules and do lots of grammar exercises, write dictations and essays.

At our Literature classes we read and discuss interesting books and recite poems.

In History we learn about the things and people from the past. We can hear fascinating stories what life was like before. We read about heroes and battles. But the problem is that we must memorize lots of dates.

In Geography we learn about our planet, about other planets and stars. We learn about rivers, lakes, mountains, continents, oceans, countries and cities from all over the world. We need a map and a globe.

In Biology we get to know interesting facts about nature: all living creatures on our planet – plants, animals, people. We learn what they eat, where they live, how they grow. We do experiments sometimes. We read about endangered species and how to help them, about pollution of the environment and how to safe our planet.

At our lessons of foreign languages we develop our skills in speaking, reading, listening and writing, learn about customs and traditions as well. We learn words and phrases and also grammar rules.

In IT we learn everything about computers and how to use them. We are taught to type and store information, surf the Internet, make presentations, download information, pictures and music. It is fun because we sometimes play games.

In PE we really have fun because we play different sports. We have classes in the gym or on the sports ground. We need a PE kit: sneakers and special clothes.

In Music we are told about composers and styles of music. We have fun singing songs.

In Craft we make different things. Boys can do woodwork, pokerwork or metal work. Girls are taught cookery, embroidery, sewing and knitting.

At Art classes we are told about famous artists and are taught to draw and paint.


My favourite lesson is English. I am fond of doing projects and learning about English-speaking countries. At the lessons of English we can speak about animals and plants, about Earth and its problems, about countries and historical events. We sing songs and make presentations. It’s great that English helps me to learn about the world.