Who is your favourite teacher?

My favourite teacher teaches us Ukrainian and Ukrainian literature. She is patient, caring and kind. She is very intelligent and has gift for teaching.  I appreciate her dedication to teaching and ability to develop relationships with her students. At the same time she is strict, so lazy pupils don’t like her. In my opinion, her way of teaching is rather fruitful. She persuaded us to learn plenty of grammar rules by heart. Owing to it, I almost never make mistakes both writing and speaking. She also demands that we should read a lot of books. I am pleased that at our Literature lessons we express our own thoughts and opinions. Thanks to my teacher I have good knowledge of Ukrainian and Ukrainian Literature.

Besides teaching us she makes a lot for our bringing up. She  teaches us to be a personality and to think of our actions. I think she has made a great influence on my life and me. Thanks to her I learned to be responsible and to have my own point of view on everything. I think her advice will help me in my future life. The major one is to think before doing something and to analyze my and other people’s actions


  • What features of character do you think are the most important for a teacher?
  • Do you think  a teacher must be strict?
  • What is the best way of teaching for you?
  • Would you like to be a teacher?