You’ll need these phrases at a restaurant and when cooking meals at home.

Today we are having a dinner of four courses.

Menu, please.

Where can I get a quick snack?

Where can I get an inexpensive meal?

Where can I get a drink of water?

I am not ready to order yet.

I would like beefsteak.

I would like my steak well done.

Would you like some ice-cream?

I follow a diet.

I am on a diet.

Let’s look through the menu card.

What do you say to a bit of this pie?

Your broth has grown cold.

Do you put sugar into your porridge?

Will you pass the pepper-box, please?

This pudding looks so appetizing.

It’s the most delicious salad I’ve ever eaten.

I am hungry as a hunter. / I am hungry as a bear.

I am thirsty.

Do you care for fish?

May I help you to another cake?

Help yourself.

Help yourself to some more pie.

I’d like to have another helping of porridge.

Pass me the brown bread, please.

I’ll peel the potatoes.

I am not a big eater.

I have eaten well.

It’s just to my taste.

The soup is uneatable.

Have practice.

Read and learn by heart the dialogues. Make your own ones.

– Why, if it isn’t Bob! Never expected to see you at this cafe. This is a small   world!

– Hi, Mike! How is life?

– No complaints, thanks. How are things with you?

– Nothing to boast of. Thank you.

– Are you alone?

– Yes, I am. I’ll be glad if you join me. Do sit down here.

– Well, Bob, it’s nearly two months since we met last. Been away?

– Yes, I have just returned from Japan.

– Was your trip successful?

– Yes, it was. We’ve signed two profitable contracts.

– Congratulations!

– Thanks a lot. I was about to order dinner when you came. What are their specialties?

– As a matter of fact I dine here very often. So I know their specialties. Let me do the ordering.

– I don’t mind.

– I suggest shrimp cocktail, tossed green salad, steaks with plenty onions and French fried potatoes and then coffee        and fruit to follow and to finish with.

– No objections on my part, but make sure that my steak is well done.

– Waiter, take our order, please.


– Helen, let’s sit here, do you mind?

– Yes, I do. I don’t like to sit near the band. It will be very noisy. I see a very nice table near the window.

– O.K. Let’s occupy that table. We shall see everybody from that place.

– Give me the menu, please.

– Here it is.

– Thanks. I am very hungry, are you?

– Same here. What shall we order?

– I suggest fried fish and French fries, cucumber and tomato salad, black coffee and cake.

– I don’t like fish, I prefer hamburgers. That is the specialty of the house.

– Tastes differ. I always prefer fish to meat.

– The waiter is coming to our table.

– Will you do the ordering?

– As you say.