Write about your school, will you?

I study at a typical Ukrainian school. It is situated on the outskirts of our town, not far from my house. The school building was built 40 years ago. It is a three storey building. There is a school yard with trees and bushes in front of the building and a big sportsground behind it.

All the classrooms look almost alike, they are spacious, light and comfortable. My classroom is big and rather cozy. It is on the second floor.

Our form teacher is very good and nice. She teaches us Ukrainian Literature. I love teachers who are friendly and honest with all students and have good sense of humour.

I’m in Year 8 and we usually have 7 or 8 lessons a day. Some lessons are interesting but some of them are really boring. All the subjects we study at school are compulsory:  Math,  Literatures (Ukrainian and World), Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Ukrainian and English languages, Geography, IT, PE, etc. I am not good at all of them but I am very good at English. It’s my favourite subject. I realize that good knowledge of English is important nowadays, so I do my best learning it, always do my homework and try to work hard not only at class but after classes as well.

The pupils have their daybooks for writing down their home assignments and teachers put their marks and sometimes write notes to parents there.

The pupils are often called to the blackboard in my school. If the pupils make mistakes, our teachers correct them. After every lesson teachers give us marks and home tasks.

At the end of each term we get a school report with our marks. I hope my school report this semester will be with good and excellent marks only.