Hi, I’m Liza and I’d like to say a few words about my eating habits.

People living in different countries have different eating habits. Every country has its own national dish.

The Ukrainian cuisine is very delicious. We can’t imagine our life without borshch, varenyky, holubtsy,pies and cakes.

The Ukrainians are very famous for their hospitality.

As for me I like eaiting at home. Sometimes my friends and I like going to a cafe to eat pizza or ice-cream.

I’m sure such cafes nd restaurants are popular where cuisine is very delicious and service is perfect.

I try to have good eating habits.

We all need food but we must keep to a balanced diet. A balanced diet consists of things we need to be healthy. There are four main food groups to build our daily menu:

  • milk and dairy products
  • meat and fish
  • vegetables and fruit
  • potatoes and cereals.

Each group is a good source of nutrients.

I try to have good eating habits. I keep to a healthy diet because I want to be strong and healthy, active and lively and look well. I know that it’s better to eat only a little of fatty, sweet, spicy and salty foods. Junk food is bad for our health.