It is important to learn English because it is an international language.

Learning English is very useful in today’s world. Even if you don’t need it in your career, this language gives you additional opportunities for your personal development, as global demand for English is continuing to grow.

When you travel abroad (not necessarily to an English-speaking country), it is extremely important to know at least basic expressions in English, as almost all international airports and railway stations use this language in their schedules along with the native language. Without sufficient English knowledge your trip can sometimes be hard and you probably won’t enjoy it in full.

Besides, all international business is done in English, so this language is really necessary if you want to be a successful businessman or businesswoman, contact other businesspeople, attend conferences and simply be able to carry on a conversation at a decent level.

It’s evident that the majority of all world information on the Internet is in English. Thus, good English knowledge can be a key to over a billion pages, where you can find various subjects and topics about all aspects of life. As the Internet enables the communication between people from different countries and continents, English, in turn, helps to overcome the language barrier, being an international bridge between cultures.

For each of us English can be a tool to fulfillment of our aspirations, so don’t waste an opportunity to be closer to the world. And remember: every single hour you spend learning English gets you closer to perfection.

Vocabulary List

  • global demand – світовий попит
  • at least basic expressions – принаймні базові вирази
  • along with – разом з
  • without sufficient English knowledge – без достатнього знання англійської мови
  • in fullповністю
  • attendвідвідувати
  • carry on a conversation at a decent level – вести розмову на гідному рівні
  • evidentочевидний
  • thusтаким чином
  • enablesдозволяє
  • in turnу свою чергу 
  • overcome the language barrierподолати мовний бар’єр
  • can be a tool to fulfillment of our aspirationsможе стати інструментом реалізації наших прагнень
  • gets closer – наближається

Learning English Is Important

Many people speak English these days. However, the number of native speakers in the world is not that high – around three hundred and fifty million. Some people believe that in a couple of years about half of the world’s population will study English as a foreign language.

Why is there such interest in English? There are many reasons. English is the primary language on the Internet, for example. Around seventy-five percent of the world’s letters are written in English. It is also the dominant language of business, science and tourism.

Do you want to work for an international company one day? You may use your mother tongue there, but a lot of information will be written in English. So, you need to learn the English vocabulary, understand grammar and practice a lot. Then one day you will read, write and speak English fluently.

  • in a couple of years – через пару років
  • primary language – основна мова
  • speak English fluently – вільно володіти англійською мовою