This presentation will help you learn the vocabulary of Lesson 9 of your Fly High 3 course.

Learn to use the Present Continuous Tense speaking about actions happening at the moment.

Vocabulary List

learn – вчити, дізнаватись

They are learning a new song.

talk – розмовляти

He is talking to his friend.

bored – той, що нудьгує

I’m bored.

idea – ідея

I’ve got an idea.

Let’s (Let us) – Давай, давайте

Let’s play badminton.

visit – відвідувати

Let’s visit Sally.

home – дім

Welcome to our home.

at home – вдома

She is at home.

cook – готовити, куховарити

I’m cooking. I like to cook.

sugar – цукор

I drink tea with sugar.

flour – мука

need – мати потребу

make a cake – готувати торт

We need flour and eggs to make a cake.

What a mess! – Якій безлад!

doorbell – дверний дзвоник

ring – дзвонити

The doorbell is ringing. Whose telephone is ringing?

listen to  слухати

Listen to the teacher!

Yum, yum! – Ням, ням!

crumb – крихта

We’re eating every crumb.

сlean up – прибирати

We’re cleaning up the kitchen.

do a handstand – робити стойку на руках

The boy is doing a handstand.

quiet – тихий, спокійний

The baby is quiet.

Learn the rhyme “I Like Cooking”


I like cooking very much,

For my breakfast and for lunch.

Porridge, sandwiches and rice,

Tasty biscuits very nice.

Chicken, sausage, ham and steak,

Jelly, chocolate and a cake.

Bread and butter, salad, fish.

I like cooking any dish!