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Reading Comprehension

Laughing Is Good for You – Seriously

It is a sad fact that adults laugh far less than children, sometimes even as much as a couple of times a day. Just take a look at people’s faces on the way to work or in the office: you’ll be lucky to see a smile, let them hear a laugh. This is a shame – especially in spite of the fact that scientists have proved that laughing is good for you. “When you laugh”, says psychologist David Cohen, “it produces the feel-good hormones, endorphins. It counters the effects of stress which enhances the immune system”.

There are many reasons why we might laugh less in adult life: perhaps we are too work-obsessed, or too embarrassed to let our emotions show. Some psychologists simply believe that children have more naive responses, and as adults we naturally grow out of spontaneous reactions.

Luckily, however, it is possible to relearn the art of laughter. In India, “laughter” clinics have been growing greater popularity over the last few years, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Madan Kataria, whose work has won him a lot of devoted followers. Dr. Kataria believes that his laughing techniques can help to strengthen the immune system and lower stress levels, as well as other things. He teaches his patients different laughs or giggles to relax specific parts of the body. In 1998, when Dr. Kataria organized a World Laughter Day at Bombay race-track, 10,000 people were up.

Vocabulary List 

Bombay –  Бомбей

response – відповідне почуття, реакція

hormone – гормон

giggle – хихикання

to counter – протистояти

to obsess – заволодіти

to embarrass –  ускладнювати

to be up – підтримувати

to enhance – підсилювати

endorphin – ендорфін (гормон)

naive – наївний

Task 1Choose the one best answer A, B, C, D to each question.

1.The text primarily discusses …

A. the benefits of laughing.

B. the research in laughing.

C. the types of laughing.

D. the efforts of Dr. Madan Kataria.

2. You’ll be lucky on the way to work if you …

A. hear your favourite melody.

B. meet your friend.

C. see a smile.

D. manage to improve your mood.

3. It is a shame …

A. to laugh little during a day.

B. to take a look at people’s faces.

C. never be lucky.

D. not to be able to relax.

4. For adults laughing as much as a hundred times a day …

A. causes difficulties in breathing.

B. result in bad humor.

C. may develop low blood pressure.

D. is a sad fact.

5. The benefit of laughing is proved by …

A. the adults

B. the children

C. the laughing people

D. the scientists

6. The immune system of a man can be enhanced by …

A. feel-good hormones

B. special words

C. pieces of good advice

D. physical training

7. The laughing techniques were introduced by …

A. some psychologists

B. Madan Kataria

C. David Cohen

D. the devoted followers

8. The adults …

A. react to a situation as quickly as the children

B. are too big to laugh

C. are too big to show their spontaneous reaction

D. are as naive as the children

9. The “laughter clinics” have become popular because …

A. they grow quickly

B. they help to strengthen the immune system

C. are located all over the world

D. they teach the act of laughter

10. The certain parts of the body can be relaxed by …

A. particular exercises

B. difficult exercises

C. different exercises

D. different activities

Task 2. Read the text again and then give the detailed answers to the questions.

  1. Why do you think it is important for an adult to laugh as much as the children do?
  2. What is the relationship between laughing and the immune system?
  3. In which occasions do you laugh and how does laughing help you in different situations?