Hello everyone!
Recently I have been to Egypt on vacation. I was so excited because I was abroad for the first time and what is more I travelled by plane for the first time. I travelled with my family. We saw beautiful views from board a plane at an altitude of 11 km.
You won’t believe who we flew with. It was Monatik! I took a picture with him.
We visited Egypt, Sharm El-Sheikh to be exact. This city is new and it is only 45 years old. It is rather small. The tourism industry is well developed in the city. I liked the shopping centers and a Dinopark. We took lots of pictures with dinosaurs and had lots of fun. I was surprised that the Sahara Desert runs through the part of the city. We made some tours around the city and walked a lot as well.
We visited a mosque, brand store of essential oils, the Christian church, and the confectioner’s where we bought halva and candies with mango and watermelon.

Sharm El-Sheikh is popular because it has beautiful views on the Red Sea. We swam in the Red Sea and enjoyed corals and sea fish. We saw lots of sea urchins, sword fish and other beautiful fish. We went yachting and visited a white island. The white sand on it  was fascinating.

My mother went to Jerusalem for two days. She visited places sacred to all Christians.

I had good practice in English. I’ll keep learning it to improve my speaking skills.

I tried some local dishes but most of all I liked chicken, halva and doughnuts.

We took lots of pictures, they will remind us of many happy and funny moments. 

My first vacation abroad was fantastic! Egypt is worth visiting.