Writing an essay

Your school newspaper is investigating the question: “People spend too much time and money on fashion. Do you agree or disagree?” Write an essay on the topic.

I absolutely agree with the statement that people spend too much time and money on fashion.

Many people can spend hours doing shopping in shopping centers, malls and fashion boutiques looking for the latest styles. They spend a lot of time surfing the internet in search of fashionable clothes of certain brands.

Fashion-conscious people are fond of visiting fashion shows or watching them on TV. They buy glossy fashion magazines and look for new tendences in the world of fashion.

More and more people want to change their clothes and footwear every season and are ready to spend lots of money on clothes of popular brands. It’s obvious that people pay much more not for the better quality but for the brand.

Consumerism is one of the problems of today’s world. People buy more than they need.

Frankly speaking, I am not a trendy boy but I do not reject the importance to keep up with the fashion. I like stylish and fashionable clothes but designer labels are too expensive. I prefer to wear sporty and casual clothes which make me feel good and confident.  I often buy clothes online and find good things on special offer from 20 up to 50%  discount.  I can get some great bargains. I think it’s more important to have your own style than to wear expensive things.

I am sure people shouldn’t spend so much money on clothes but give it on charity instead.