Writing an argumentative essay

Rural and urban life is so different. Write about the advantages and disadvantages of life in the city and in the country.

Some people prefer living in big cities while others enjoy their life in the country. It is absolutely normal because urban and rural life has its positive and negative sides.

What are the advantages of city life? Firstly, life in the city is much easier than in the country because cities have a developed transport system, a sewerage system and better services such as telephone, central heating, gas, electricity and the Internet.

Secondly, there is far more entertainment in the city than in the country. There are lots of shopping centres, cinemas, theatres, concert halls, discos, night clubs, art galleries, cafes and restaurants. It’s easy to choose where to hang out with your friends and have fun, relax at night or at the weekends. There are also lots of opportunities to do sports as you may join a great variety of clubs.

Thirdly, in the cities people have more chances to be employed and to succeed, because you may find an interesting and well paid job and climb the ladder of success.

Moreover, the city people are more open-minded and use different sources of information.

As for the disadvantages of the city life they are the following. There is too much noise, traffic and too much garbage. But air and water pollution is the greatest disadvantage of the city life today.

In addition, the criminal situation is not good and there is much stress in the city life.

Why do people like to stay in the countryside? First of all, life in the country is quiet, peaceful and healthy. People are closer to the nature and friendlier.

I’d like to mention the disadvantages of rural life. It’s difficult to find a job, working and living conditions are  difficult. What is more, social and cultural life is not full of  entertainment. That’s why more and more young people flee from the country for a better life in the city.

To make a conclusion, I’d like to say that life in the city seems more appealing and interesting for me.