American Holidays and Traditions

Learn the words and speak about Thanksgiving Day in the USA, the time when Americans give thanks for many good things in their lives.

  • feast   – свято
  • cider  – сидр
  • turkey – індик    
  • store  – магазин
  • stuffing – начинка                                          
  • dish – блюдо                                                    
  • squash – кабачок                                           
  • cranberry – клюква, журавлина                                       
  • sauce – соус                                                    
  • pumpkin – гарбуз
  • pilgrim – пілігрим   
  • wreath – вінок                                  
  • horn of plenty  – ріг достатку
  • charitable  – благодійний
  • needy  – ті, хто мають нужду
  • serve – подавати на стіл

Thanksgiving Day in the USA

  1. There are only five national holidays that are celebrated in every state of the USA.
  2. They are New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
  3. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday in November.
  4. They give thanks to God and people they love for the many good things in their lives.
  5. This is a family holiday.
  6. Families come together from near and far.
  7. Special religious services are held in the morning.
  8. Then comes the traditional feast.
  9. Turkey with stuffing is the main dish.
  10. It is served with sweet potatoes, squash, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.
  11. Apple cider is the drink of the day.
  12. Football is the most popular game on this day.
  13. Stores, classrooms, and homes are decorated with turkeys, pilgrims, Indians, wreaths of dried flowers and vegetables.
  14. Horns of plenty are also very popular.
  15. Charitable organizations serve dinners and send baskets of food to needy people.
  16. The first Thanksgiving Day was celebrated by the Pilgrims in 1621.
  17. They came from England for religious freedom.
  18. They sailed from   Plymouth, England, on September 16, 1620.
  19. Their ship was called the MAYFLOWER.
  20. Macy’s department store holds its annual Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.
  21. Celebrities, floats, bands, and balloons shaped like famous story book and cartoon characters appear in the parade.
  22. Santa Claus arrives at the end.
  23. His coming marks the beginning of   Christmas season.

Answer the questions

  1. When do American people celebrate Thanksgiving Day?
  2. Why do people celebrate this day?
  3. What kind of holiday is Thanksgiving Day?
  4. What is held in the morning?
  5. What is the main dish of the traditional Thanksgiving feast?
  6. What else is served on Thanksgiving feast?
  7. What is the drink of the day?
  8. What game is the most popular on this day?
  9. What are stores, classrooms and homes decorated with?
  10. What is a horn of plenty?
  11. What are charitable organizations busy with on this day?

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