Let’s learn these poems for Thanksgiving Fest

Message of Thanksgiving

It is good to pause one day each year to take an account of yourself and your surroundings.

Thanksgiving gives an opportunity to feel this continuous contact of generations.

Thanksgiving is a time for sharing.


If I Should Try

If I should try to count the things

That God has done for me,

Then I would find it hard to do,

It would take eternity.


If I should try to count the ways

In which He chose to bless,

I know I could not find the words,

His goodness to express.


If I should try to tell it all,

I never would succeed;

For He has always faithful been,

To give more that I ever need.

                                           __Cora M. Owen


All in a Word


For time to be together,

Turkey, talk, and tangy weather.


For harvest stored away,

Home, and hearth, and holiday.


For autumn’s frosty art,

And abundance in the heart.


For neighbors, and November,

Nice things, new things to remember.


For kitchen, kettles’ croon,

Kith and kin expected soon.


For sizzles, sights, and sounds,

And something special that abounds.

That spells THANKS – for joy in living

And a jolly good Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day

When the Pilgrims

First gathered to share

With their Indian friends

The mild autumn air,

They lifted their voices

In jubilant praise

For the bread on the table

The berries and maize.


For field and for forest,

For turkey and deer,

For the bountiful crops

They were blessed with that year.


They were thankful for these

As they feasted away,

And as they were thankful,

We’re thankful today.

Thanksgiving Time

When all the leaves are off the boughs,

And nuts and apples gathered in,

And cornstalks waiting for the cows,

And pumpkins safe in barn and bin.


Then mother says: “My children dear,

The fields are brown, and autumn flies;

Thanksgiving Day is very near,

And we must make Thanksgiving pies!”



Ivy O. Eastwick

Thank you

For all my hands can hold –

Apples red

And melons gold,

Yellow corn

Both ripe and sweet,

Peas and beans

So good to eat!

Thank you

For all my eyes can see

Lovely sunlight,

Field and tree,

White cloud-boats

In sea-deep sky,

Soaring bird

And butterfly.

Thank you

For all my ears can hear –

Birds’ song echoing

Far and near,

Songs of little

Stream, big sea,

Cricket, bullfrog,

Duck and bee!

Apple Pie

Else Holmelund Minarik

Apple pie,

Pumpkin pie,

Turkey on the dish!

We can see

We can eat

Everything we

Wish, wish, wish.


Grandma’s here

Grandpa’s here,

Cousins bright and gay.

Aunts and uncles share with us

This good Thanksgiving

Day, day, day.


Thank you, God,

Thank you, God,

For good things to eat

Thank you also

For this day

When we with friendly hearts

Do meet, meet, meet.

It’s Happy Thanksgiving

Jack Prelutsky

It’s happy Thanksgiving,

Thanksgiving! Hooray!

We’re going to dinner

At Grandma’s today.


I love it Grandma’s

It’s cozy and snug,

I love giving Grandma

A Thanksgiving hug.


I help make the gravy.

I pour and stir,

It smells so delicious,

I love helping her.


We laugh, and we talk,

Oh! She makes such a fuss

As she bustles about

Cooking dinner for us.


When we sit at the table

And Daddy says grace,

There’s a beautiful smile

On my grandmother’s face.


Though the weather is windy

And chilly and gray,

Our family is happy

This Thanksgiving Day.

Daddy’s Football Game

Jack Prelutsky

Our turkey dinner is hardly gone

When Daddy says, “The game is on.”

He tunes it in, takes off his shoes,

And turns to watch his heroes lose.


He sits and screams, we sit and grin,

He gets so mad when they don’t win.

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same

Without my father’s football game.

The Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thanksgiving Day is here today,

The great parade is under way,

And though it’s drizzling quite a bit,

I’m sure that I’ll see all of it.


Great balloons are floating by,

Cartoon creatures stories high,

Mickey Mouse and Mother Goose,

Snoopy and mammoth moose.


The bands are marching, here they come,

Pipers pipe and drummers drum,

Hear the tubas and the flutes,

See the clowns in silly suits.


It’s pouring now, but not on me,

I am just as dry as I can be,

I watch and watch, but don’t get wet,

I’m watching on our TV set.


 Pilgrim Children

Pilgrim children worked hard all day.

Pilgrim children had little time to play.

The first child chopped lots of wood.

The second child helped make the family’s food.

The third child helped keep the horses fed.

The fourth child made a mattress for his bed.

The fifth child made soap and a candle.

The sixth child turned the meat-roasted handle.

Pilgrim children worked hard all day.

Pilgrim children had little time to play.

Five Plump Turkeys

This plump turkey spread his tail like a fan.

This plump turkey, away he ran.

This plump turkey flew up in a tree.

This plump turkey gobbled at me.

This plump turkey said, “I’ll leave right away,

So the cook can’t find me on Thanksgiving Day.