Have practice in writing an informal letter.

You visited some lectures on the healthy way of life. Write a letter to your British friend. Include the following items:

  • when and where these lectures were held
  • who organized them
  • whether you agree with their pieces of advice or not.

Here is a sample of an informal letter Healthy Way of Life

Dear Olenka,

I’m writing to you as I know you are a great supporter of the healthy way of life. I’ve got some interesting information for you.

Last week I visited lectures on the problem of the healthy way of life and its advantages. Members of the organization “Long and Active Life” organized a two weeks’ course of lectures on the healthy way of life in the town youth center.

The main goal of this course of lectures was to educate teenagers how to live a long and healthy life. The lecturers taught us to keep the rules of the healthy way of life, avoid junk food, exercise and control a body weight.

I absolutely agree with their pieces of advice and I am going to follow them. I think there is nothing more important than health, as the proverb says, ‘Health is above wealth’ and another very popular proverb states ‘A sound mind in a sound body’. The advantages of the healthy way of life are obvious.

If we want to live long and happily we should have a healthy lifestyle – be active and exercise, keep to a balanced diet, have enough sleep, avoid spending too much time in front of the computer and TV, get an interesting hobby and have positive attitude to life.  

Do you agree with these recommendations? Keep in touch.

All the best,


Write your own iformal letter Healthy Way of Life