Have practice in writing the letter of enquiry.

Read the Internet advertisement and then do the task below.

Money! Money! Money!
Do you need money? Do you want to earn money for no work? It’s easy!
We need medical testers for a new wonder drug.
All you do is drink some secret syrup and we watch what happens.
You must be young and healthy, not afraid of pain, be brave and like risks.
Do not apply if you have a lawyer in your family.
Write and tell us about you and your health and be rich tomorrow.

You need money but you’re not sure about this job. Write a response to the advertisement to find out more. Your email should be 100 – 120 words. Include the following points:

  • Find out the details of the job (where, when, how, etc.)
  • Ask questions about the drug being tested.
  • Tell them about your health and any illnesses you’ve ever had.
  • Say how much money you want.

Maxim’s Work   Letter of Enquiry Medical Testers Needed

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing in connection with the advertisement which I found on the internet. I would like to ask you some questions about the job you offer.

It is not clear to me how often I will have to take this secret syrup and for how long. Will there be any doctors to consult? I am interested to know when you plan to start your testing.

I would like to ask for further information about this drug. Does it have any side effects? What illness does this drug cure? I would be grateful to know more details about this medicine.

Briefly about me. I am a healthy and strong seventeen-year old student. I must confess that I am a risky person. I’ve never had any serious illnesses except of chicken pox. I strongly need to earn some money.

I would like to get no less than $4,000 for the testing of the medicine.

I am looking forward to your answer.

Yours sincerely,


Will you please write your letter of enquiry Medical Testers Needed