Have practice in writing an informal letter.

During your visit to London you were invited to the theatre. Write a letter to your Ukrainian friend about this event and:

  • inform what you did in London
  • why you decided to go to the theatre
  • describe the performance and the leading actors engaged in it.


Dear Olenka,

Thank you for the letter in which you told me about your weekend in Kyiv. I’m very glad that you visited your sister and had a fantastic time in the capital city.  

I would like to tell you about my life in London. I’m improving my speaking and writing skills at the English language course. Well, I’m enjoying it very much. I spend a lot of time learning English, but sometimes I go sightseeing, visit museums, art galleries, music halls and theatres.

Last night our teacher brought my groupmates and me for the performance at the Globe Theatre. At the last lesson we discussed Shakespeare literary activity that is why Miss Brown invited us to this unique theater.  We saw “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the names of the leading actor and actress, but they were brilliant playing their parts. The scenery and costumes were gorgeous.

I admired everything: the wonderful atmosphere of the theatre, superb acting and lyrical music. My friends and I had an exciting evening.

Do write soon and tell me your news.

My warmest regards to your family.