Teachers truly make the difference!

Learning occurs within the student, not within the classroom.

For every class clown to tolerate there is a genius in the making.

If a student develops a sense of purpose, he has said “thank you” to his teacher.

Teachers inspire students to dream, and give them the tools and knowledge to make those dreams possible.

While teaching in front of a class of students, a teacher is also standing behind them.

Often it’s teaching how to think, not what to think, that’s important.

Someone who can make you believe in things that are intangible has a rare gift for expression. Teachers do that every day.

An educator does not make a test easy. An educator inspires a child so that the difficult becomes interesting.

Feed the fire in students’ minds and a love of knowledge will burn in them forever.

Intelligence without instruction is like a seed without water.


Treat children as if they are ignorant, and they will remain so.

To teach is the easiest way to learn.

A person who can spark a love of learning in you is more than just a teacher. That person is a true mentor.

Nothing inspires a student more than a teacher who is in love with his or her subject.

The teacher who takes the time and has the patience to connect with a troubled child is never forgotten.

Teachers teach not only a subject or a class, but also valuable lessons that may not be understood until later in life.

For every former student who returns to say “thank you”, there are 100 who have said “thanks” in their hearts.

The mind’s eye can be reached through inspiration, dedication, and perspiration.

Those who inspire others to become teachers will make a difference to students they’ll never even met.

Sometimes it takes years for the wisdom of a particular teacher to sink in. That doesn’t make the lesson any less important than those learned immediately.

Teachers who can entertain as well as educate, who make even the most boring lessons fun, are those who inspire the love of learning for a lifetime.

Learning is made easier through encouragement.

A challenge given will always be met.


A teacher must form a bond with a student during the school year; a teacher who has truly inspired a student has formed a lifetime bond.

Love of learning is contagious. There is no student, however untutored, whom a wise teacher cannot reach.

In the classroom of a well-liked teacher, “June” is a four-letter word spoken with regret.

At some point, the student realizes that his best teachers weren’t just teachers; they were friends who brought out the best in him.

The best teachers are those who make “getting through the material” a pleasure.

A teacher who adds to a student’s self-confidence enables that student to grow exponentially.

Shakespeare inspired his entire audience from queen to moneylender to fishwife. A teacher does the same.

It is a miracle to inspire students to think on their own and to speak their minds, no matter how contrary to popular thought. Never stop believing in miracles.

Teaching is a living art. The master teacher seeks new methods, learning from her students.

A teacher doesn’t need to have a classroom to be a teacher. Those who inspire and help us grow are the unsung educators.

A true teacher never stops learning.

Learning by rote is simple memorization; anyone can do that. Self-sufficiency comes with learning through example and inspiration.

Dreamers, idealists, and teachers all show us what is possible with a little sense of pride and a lot of hard work.

What more worthy profession is there than that which educates future generations?

Keep your eyes on the future, your mind in the present, and stay in touch with the past.

Great tutors cost a pretty penny, but those untutored pay a heavy price.

The mind is not just a sponge that soaks up knowledge; it is a seed that sprouts and gives life to other seeds.

The smart man learns from others, the wise man from his own mistakes.

Many are taught but few actually learn.

The worth of a good teacher is often more evident after she retires.

Learning is a privilege, but teaching is a greater one.

A successful teacher not only recognizes talent but also helps create it.

Ignite curiosity in a young mind and you’ll kindle imagination for a lifetime.

The most important thing you can impart to a child is a wish to learn.

You never know when a student will recognize something in a lesson that the teacher hasn’t seen. Even the wisest of scholars can learn from a pupil.

Keep the lesson entertaining and it will lessen the need for discipline.

Teachers must be able to instruct the individual while keeping track of the entire class.

It is easier to track a student’s test scores than his inner development. Scores, however, are mere indicators of the real growth within.

The most expensive thing in the world is ignorance.

Educators plant their feet in front of a class and start cultivating young minds.


To say you have taught when no one has learned is like saying you have written when your pen is out of ink.

You never know what combination of words will unlock a child’s growth.

If the teacher doesn’t encourage a student to do what he thinks he can’t, he won’t ever be able to do what he truly can.

Each child has something within her that is unique. The instructor must encourage the child to develop that gift.

Building monuments celebrates what is now; building young minds creates the future.

Optimism and pessimism are both catching. A great teacher exhibits the first, and avoids the second like the plague.

Children are great mimics. Show them how to do something and they’ll want to do it too. Tell them, and they’ll sit back and watch.

To reach a child, bend down to his level. To inspire him, stand back up.

We all possess a capacity for learning – and a potential for it that is never fully realized.

Teachers can make young hearts sing, and young minds question, and young

eyes glow, and young souls stir.