Let’s have practice in writing an informal letter.

I suggest writing an informal letter Skiing in the Carpathians. Revise some facts about the geographical postition of Ukraine and Ukrainian climate. It would be of great help to brush up how to write an informal letter, a letter to a friend.

Exam in Mind Level B1

You have received a letter from an English friend.


I’m going to your country to go skiing, but I have never been there before. When is the best time to come? What should I bring with me? Are there places to stay in the mountains?

What should I do about food? Should I bring something with me? Do I need skis? Can I get them there?

Maybe we could meet somewhere in the mountains?



Write your friend a letter in response. Include the following points:

  • Tell your friend when and where to go.
  • List the things he should bring with him.
  • Advise him on how to get the equipment he needs.
  • Recommend the places he can stay and eat at.

Maxim’s Work

Hello Mike,

I am very excited that you are coming to Ukraine. I like skiing too and it is one of my favourite winter activities. We’ve got great skiing resorts in the Carpathians in the western part of our country. The Carpathians are not very high because they are old mountains. They are covered with forests and the views are spectacular.

The best time for skiing is January and February when the weather is frosty and snowy but you have to listen to weather forecasts regularly and beware of avalanche.

Don’t forget to bring warm clothes, such as sweaters, jumpers, gloves, woolen socks and a hat. It would be great if your coat, pants and gloves are waterproof.

You shouldn’t worry about skiing equipment because there are lots of places where you can rent it. As for food you can find a lot of inexpensive cozy restaurants where you can try dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. And don’t forget your camera. I am sure you will take stunning shots of Ukrainian nature.

I think it’s a great idea to meet in the mountains. Tell me the exact date of your arrival and I’ll join you.

Keep in touch,


Will you please write your own informal letter Skiing in the Carpathians?