What are the types of questions in English?

4 основних типи питальних речень в англійській мові:

загальні general, або Yes / No-questions

Do you like coffee? Does he speak English? Is this a big city? Are they happy? Did you go to school yesterday? Have you done your homework? Has he ever been to England? Had he done cooking before 4 o’clock yesterday? Will you go Spain in summer? Shall I read?

альтернативні alternative, або Or-questions

Is this a pen or a pencil? Do you like skiing or skating? Does he prefer travelling by plane or by train? Did you do to the cinmea or to the theatre? Will you attend French or German classes? Have they been to Egypt or Turkey?

спеціальні special, або Wh-questions 

  • до всіх членів речення, крім підмета: Where do you live? When do you usually get up? How many siblings have you got? Why do you learn English? What do you usually do at the weekends? Which film do you fancy?
  • до підмета, Who-questions: Who loves reading? What color is your favourite? Who entered the room? Who has done this work?

розділові disjunctive, або Tag-questions

It’s an interesting story, isn’t it? You are from Poland, aren’t you? You regularly do your homework, don’t you? He played computer games, didn’t he? You will take part in the show, won’t you? He has just returned, hasn’t he? She lives in Kyiv, doesn’t she? I am hungry, aren’t I?

Крім того існують заперечні запитання – negative questions

  • загальні: Isn’t his house near here? Wasn’t he a pilot? Didn’t the doctor tell you?
  • спеціальні: Why didn’t the Dutch inhabit Australia?

Питальні слова и вирази

Who? – Хто? Кого?

Who are you? – Хто ви?

Who do you want to see? – Кого ви хочите бачити?


What? – Що? Який?

What is it? – Що це?

What is your favourite book? – Яка твоя улюблена книга?

What films do you like? – Які фільми тобі подобаються?

What books does he read? – Які книги він читає?


Where? – Де? Куди?

Where is his university? – Де його університет?

Where do you go? – Куди ти йдеш? / Ти куди?


When? – Коли?

When is her birthday? – Коли  у неї день народження?


How? – Як? Яким чином?

How are you? – Як справи?

How do you want to do it? – Яким чином  ти хочеш це зробити?


Why? – Чому?

Why are you so sad? –Чому ти такий сумний?


Whose? – Чий?

Whose dog is it? – Чий  це собака?

Whose bag is it? – Чия це сумка?


Whom? – Кому?

Whom do you trust? – Кому ти довіряєш?


Which? – Котрий?

Which book is mine? – Котра книга моя?

Which colour do you like – red or green? – Котрий колір тобі подобаєтьсячервоний чи зелений?


How many? – Скільки? (із злічуваними іменниками)

How many pencils have you got? – Скільки у тебе олівців?

How many birds do you see? – Скільки пташок ти бачиш?

How much? – Скільки? (із незлічуваними іменниками)

How much flour do we need? – Скільки нам потрібно муки?

How much time do we have? – Скільки часу  у нас є?


How long? – Як довго?

How long does it take? – Як довго це  займе?