Let’s write an invitation.

A group of international students is visiting your country. They have asked you to organize a welcome party for them. Write an invitation to the party. In clude the following points:

  • Write the time, place and date of the party.
  • Give directions how to get there.
  • Tell them what activities and food there will be.


Dear students and teachers,

A group of students from Great Britain are going to visit Kaniv. Our class is preparing a Welcome Party for them. It will be at 10 o’clock on 27th June in the restaurant ‘‘Roden’’.

To get there from the bus station, go along Koshevogo Street up to the crossroads. Go past the cinema. Then turn right. Go up the street past the post office and the department store. Then you will see the restaurant ‘‘Roden’’ on your right.

The programme will be interesting. There will be a lot of contests and quizzes about Ukraine. Of course, there will be a lot of traditional Ukrainian dishes.

We hope you will like the party.

We’ll be happy to see you there.