I am a Kanivite and I am proud of it. I am 23 years old. I have lived here from my birth. In 2018 I was 13 and had a dream to live in a modern city. And now my dream came true so welcome to Kaniv where so many things have changed.

The streets are lined with a lot of green surprising plants. There are beautiful modern new buildings and good roads, squares, parks, entertainment centers and playgrounds all over the city to make the life of Kaniv inhabitants comfortable and pleasant.

What is more there is an aquapark,  an  ice rink, a planetarium and amazing fountains with backlight and music in my native town.

A year ago Kaniv was recognized as the best tourist city of Ukraine. People from the all over the world come to visit amazing tourist attractions: Chernecha Hill and Shevchenko Museum, Kaniv Reserve, various museums, and Uspenskiy cathedral. A lot of people want to drink tasty pure water from the Royal Well.

Kanivites work on an enterprise producing microelectronics. The workers and employees use the modern IT technologies and use the experience of the best manufacturers of the world. The enterprise is very profitable and eco friendly.

The standard of living is high in Kaniv.

The level of medical care is high and students are provided with good education.

Kaniv is a well-known European city. Now Ukrainian people are discussing the idea to make Kaniv the capital of Ukraine because it has become a famous historical, cultural and industrial center.

The inhabitants of Kaniv are proud to live here and visitors are happy to visit it. I love my native town.