Children and Their Hobbies Year 3

Learn the words to speak about yourself and your friends.

Miss – міс, панна (вживається перед прізвищем або ім’ям дівчини і незаміжньої жінки)
Miss Brown lives in London. Meet Miss Eliza.

Mrs (Mistress) [misiz] – місіз, пані (вживається перед прізвищем або ім’ям заміжньої жінки)
Mrs Brown is from England.

Mr (Mister) – містер, пан
Mr Brown is Bill’s father.

England – Англія
He is from England. Are you from England? No, I am not.

Ukraine – Україна
Where are you from? I am from Ukraine.

country – країна
What country are you from? I am from Ukraine.-

France – Франція
Meet Alice. She is from France.

Nice to meet you. – Приємно познайомитись.

camp – табір
This is our summer camp.  Welcome to our camp. Do you like the camp? Yes, I do. I like it very much.

Italy – Італія
She is from Italy.

Germany – Німеччина
Her friend is from Germany.

Greece – Греція
His grandfather and grandmother are from Greece.

Spain – Іспанія
They are from Spain.

spell вимовляти або писати слово по літерах
Can you spell your name, please? – Yes, I can. O-l-e-n-a.

goose / geese  гуска / гуси
This is a goose. These are geese. I can see five geese in the pond.

rhyme – віршик
Children like Mother Goose Rhymes.

room – кімната
This is the room for boys and that is the room for girls.

café – кафе
I like eating ice cream in a cafe.

swimming-pool – басейн
She likes swimming in a swimming-pool.

sports ground – спортивний майданчик
This is our sportsground. We like playing games here.

party hall – актовий зал
Children like singing and dancing in a party hall.

here / there – тут / там
I live here. He lives there.

playground – ігровий майданчик
This is our playground. You can play here.

sport / sports – спорт / види спорту
What is your favourite sport? Do you play sports?

cricket – крикет
English children like playing cricket.

tennis – теніс
Can you play tennis? – No, I cannot.

table tennis – настільний теніс
Do you like playing table tennis? – Yes, I do.

football футбол
My favourite sport is football.

volleyball – волейбол
I like to play volleyball.

basketball – баскетбол
Do you play basket-ball? Yes, I do.

team / team game – команда / командна гра
This is our team. Let’s play a team game! I don’t like playing team games.

golf – гольф
Do you play golf? No, I don’t.

win – перемагати
I like to win.

cartoon – мультфільм
I like watching cartoons. What are your favourite cartoons?

chess – шахи
Can you play chess? – Yes, I can. Do you like playing chess? – No, I don’t.

listen to music – слухати музику
I like listening to music.

ride a bike – катитися на велосипеді

My brother likes riding a bike. I don’t like riding a bike. I like skateboarding.

fly a kite – запускати змія
We like flying a kite in summer.

hobby – хобі, улюблене заняття

“A hobby” is what you like doing. What is your hobby? My hobbies are dancing and playing computer games.

This presentation will help you have practice to speak about children and their hobbies.

Now you know how to speak about children and their hobbies. Speak about yourself, will you?

These questions will help to make acquaintance with other children and tell them about yourself.

  1. What is your name? – My name is Olena Petrenko.
  2. Can you spell your name, please? – Yes, I can spell my name. O-l-e-n-a P-e-t-r-e-n-k-o
  3. How old are you? – I am 8.
  4. Where are you from? – I am from Ukraine.
  5. Do you like playing games? – Yes, I do. I like playing games.
  6. What sport games do you like playing? – I like playing football (cricket, tennis, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, golf)
  7. What is your favourite sport? – My favourite sport is football.
  8. What is your hobby? – My hobby is riding a bike (watching cartoons, flying a kite, playing team games, reading, painting, playing chess, drawing, listening to music, playing computer games)
  9. What don’t you like? – I don’t like playing team games.
  10. What is your phone number? – My phone number is 3-5-8-6-2-9-7-1
  11. Have you got a pen friend? – Yes, I have got a pen friend. (No, I haven’t got a pen friend.)
  12. Can you write a letter to your pen friend in English? – Yes, I can write a letter to my pen friend in English.