Learn the words to speak about yourself and your friends. I have made the presentation for you to have practice.

Miss – міс, панна (вживається перед прізвищем або ім’ям дівчини і незаміжньої жінки)

Miss Brown lives in London. Meet Miss Eliza.

Mrs (Mistress) [misiz] – місіз, пані (вживається перед прізвищем або ім’ям заміжньої жінки)

Mrs Brown is from England.

Mr (Mister) – містер, пан

Mr Brown is Bills father.

England – Англія

He is from England. Are you from England? Yes, I am. / No, I am not.

Ukraine – Україна

Where are you from? I am from Ukraine.

country – країна

What country are you from? I am from Ukraine.-

France – Франція

Meet Alice. She is from France.

Nice to meet you. – Приємно познайомитись.

camp – табір

This is our summer camp.  Welcome to our camp. Do you like the camp? Yes, I do. I like it very much.

Italy – Італія

She is from Italy.

Germany – Німеччина

Her friend is from Germany.

Greece – Греція

His grandfather nd grandmother are from Greece.

Spain – Іспанія

They are from Spain.

spell вимовляти або писати слово по літерах

Can you spell your name, please? – Yes, I can. O-l-e-n-a.

goose / geese  гуска / гуси

This is a goose. I can see five geese in the pond.

rhyme – віршик

Children like Mother Goose Rhymes.

room – кімната

the room for boys, the room for girls

café – кафе

I like eating ice cream in a cafe.

swimming-pool – басейн

She likes swimming in a swimming-pool.

sports ground – спортивний майданчик

This is our sportsground. We like playing games here.

party hall – актовий зал

Children like singing and dancing in a party hall.

here / there – тут / там

I live here. He lives there.

playground – ігровий майданчик

This is our playground. You can play here.

sport / sports – спорт / види спорту

What is your favourite sport? Do you play sports?

cricket – крикет

English children like playing cricket.

tennis – теніс

Can you play tennis? – No, I cannot.

table tennis – настільний теніс

Do you like playing table tennis? – Yes, I do.

football футбол

My favourite sport is football.

volleyball – волейбол

I like to play volleyball.

basketball – баскетбол

Do you play basket-ball? Yes, I do.

team / team game – команда / командна гра

This is our team. Let’s play a team game! I don’t like playing team games.


Do you play golf? No, I don’t.


I like to win.


I like watching cartoons. What are your favourite cartoons?


Can you play chess? – Yes, I can. Do you like playing chess? – No, I don’t.

listen to music 

I like listening to music.

ride a bike

My brother likes riding a bike. I don’t like riding a bike. I like skateboarding.

fly a kite

We like flying a kite in summer.


“A hobby” is what you like doing. What is your hobby? My hobbies are dancing and playing computer games.