I can’t imagine myself living anywhere other than Kaniv. My town is not just the place I live in, but essential part of my identity. I am proud to be a Kanivite. I am sure my town will be a prosperous one in some decades.

The roads will be of a very good quality and mainly electro mobiles will be driven.

Kaniv environment will play an important role in the town’s future. There will be a lot of interesting and even unique trees and bushes in the streets and parks where people can relax. The Dnipro river will be clean with well equipped beaches and boats will take you for an interesting excursion to the Dnipro islands.

Kaniv will become the spiritual capital of Ukraine and one of the most popular tourists’ destinations. Comfortable hotels and cozy cafes and restaurants serving delicious dishes of Ukrainian cuisine will be built. Kaniv will be famous among tourists all over the world. International film festival and Ukrainian folk music festival will be held in a huge concert hall on the bank of the Dnipro. Thousands of Ukrainians from all over the world will gather for a Shevchenko festival.

I think the dream of many sporty Kanivites will come true. A big sports centre with swimming pools, tennis courts, football pitches, fitness studios with various simulators and a skate park will be available to use. There will be roads for cyclists everywhere around Kaniv.

My town will include numerous places to shop around. It will certainly be called a shopper’s delight.

There will be smart houses witch achieve low energy consumption. Energy requirements will be covered through solar and wind energy.

Kaniv will be a great place to live and visit !