Develop your reading, writing and speaking skills

Do Test 8 Year 5  Level A1+

Test 8 Year 5 is for the students of the fifth grade to check themselves.


Task 1. Read the text and put the sentences in the correct order.

My name is Alex and I’m twelve years old. I’m not good at studying or house chores, but I’m fond of sports. I go to the gym to play basketball, volleyball and tennis. I visit the gym on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I also go to the swimming pool two times a week.

My parents like my hobby, because they are good sportsmen, too. My father enjoys playing football and my mother is fond of swimming and skiing. But some weeks ago I was playing basketball with my friends and hurt my hand. It ached badly and I went to the doctor. The doctor examined my hand and said that the problem wasn’t serious.

At first I was very upset to know that I couldn’t play basketball for two weeks. But in ten days my hand was fine and I played basketball again.

Read the text and put the sentences in the correct order.

___ a. Alex likes to do sports.

___ b. Alex hurt his hand when he was playing basketball.

___ c. His parents also go in for sports.

___ d. In ten days his hand didn’t hurt any more.

Task 2. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.

1. Alex is good at … .

a. studying
b. house chores
c. sports
d. learning

2. Alex goes to the gym … times a week.

a. two
b. three
c. four
d. five

3. Alex’s father likes … .

a. swimming
b. tennis
c. skiing
d. football

4. Alex couldn’t play basketball for … days.

a. seven
b. ten
c. twelve
d. fourteen

Task 3. Write short answers to the questions.

  1. How often does Alex go to the swimming pool?
  2. What kinds of sport does Alex’s mother like?
  3. When did Alex hurt his hand?
  4. Who examined Alex’s hand?


Task 1. Complete the sentences with the words: bus, souvenirs, honest, sums.

  1.  Pupils always do _____________ at their Maths lessons.
  2. My friend has brought me some nice ___________ from Germany.
  3. Do you usually go to school by ______________?
  4. Peter is an ___________ boy, he always tells the truth.

Task 2. Choose the correct form of the verbs to complete the sentences.

1. Where … you usually … on Sundays?

a. do … go
b. are … going
c. will … go
d. did … go

2. Molly … basketball next Thursday.

a. doesn’t play
b. isn’t playing
c. won’t play
d. didn’t play

3. I … your e-mail yesterday.

a. don’t get
b. didn’t get
c. won’t get
d. hasn’t got

4. … Susan … on the phone now?

a. Does … speak
b. Is … speaking
c. Did … speak
d. Will … speak

Task 3. Write a letter to your pen friend about the things you do about the house. Use the plan below:

  • what house chores you have to do;
  • how often you do them;
  • what house chores you like/dislike doing and why;
  • ask your friend how he/she helps his/her parents.


Look at the picture.

  • Say what place it is and describe the weather.
  • Say what the people are doing in the picture.
  • Tell your classmates about your favourite activities in summer.