On September 1st Ukraine celebrates Day of Knowledge.

Schooling is greatly encouraged in Ukraine. People value education. They say that “knowledge is power”. That’s why Day of Knowledge is a special day for Ukrainians.

The first bell ringing on September 1st symbolizes beginning of a new school year for first graders, and everybody who steps into a new academic year.

It’s a very exciting time for many children and their parents. September 1st morning is a very special time for everyone. For some it’s a first day at school, for some it’s the first day of the last high school year or college year, and for others it’s the worst day of the year – summer break is over, fun is over, back to strict schedule and lots of homework. No matter how they feel about it, everybody attends school on September 1. Usually there are not many classes on this day, except for higher education institutions, where there are several classes. Students get informed about new school year curriculum. In the evening students usually celebrate Day of Knowledge with their friends.

Welcome to school!

May this school year bring you

Happiness galore,

And may you enjoy it –

Right to the core!