Informal Letter  Level B1

Do this task in writing

A new pupil has come to your school. He doesn’t know anything about the life in your town. Write him a memo with some pieces of advice:

  • what type of transport is the most convenient in your town;

  • how to spend leisure time;

  • how to do shopping quickly and cheaply.


Dear Max,
I’m sure you will like my town. My hometown is situted on the Dnipro river and nature around is very beautiful and amazing.

Our transport system consists of cars, buses and taxis. Taxis are popular in rainy weather and when you are in a hurry. Buses are not expensive and you can get to any part on our town. What is more, you can rent a bike and enjoy cycling.

In our town there are some interesting places to go and and things to do. You can visit some museums and a very old church which was built in the eleventh century. But the main tourist attraction is Tarasova Hill, where you can see the monument to Taras Shevchenko and a wonderful museum. I’m sure you will admire the scenery and the fantastic view on the Dnipro river from the Hill. I strongly recommend you to visit the park on Tarasova Hill. You won’t regret, I’m sure.

Now some words about shops and shopping. There are some department stores, supermarkets and small private shops in our town. People go shopping there. But the cheapest things are the market and supermarket where you can buy different things.

I like my native town and I hope you will like it too.

Say hello to your parents.

Drop me a line.