Develop your reading, writing and speaking skills

Do Test 7 Year 5  Level A1+

Test 7 Year 5 is for the students of the fifth grade to check themselves.


Task 1. Read the text and put the sentences in the correct order.

My friend Molly lives in London. Last December she invited me to her country to celebrate Christmas. I was happy to go there because I didn’t know how the English celebrate this holiday.

First of all, I helped Molly to make Christmas cards and to decorate the Christmas tree. We prepared the stockings for presents and put them near our beds.

Molly’s mother cooked the traditional Christmas dinner. For Christmas dinner the English always have a roast turkey, some vegetables and a pudding. Molly’s mother showed me how to cook a Christmas pudding. It was very tasty.

I was happy to celebrate Christmas with my friend. Before dinner everybody opened the presents. I got a nice doll for my collection and Molly got a dress.

___ a) Molly’s mother taught me to cook Christmas pudding.

___ b) I went to London to celebrate Christmas with my friend’s family.

___ c) We opened the presents and then had dinner.

___ d) Molly and I made Christmas cards and decorated the Christmas tree.

Task 2. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.

1. I _______ how the English people celebrate Christmas.

a. knew
b. wanted to know
c. liked
d. didn’t learn

2.I helped Molly to make Christmas ___________ .

a. angels
b. cards
c. stockings
d. presents

3. We prepared stockings for __________ .

a. the Christmas tree
b. our beds
c. Christmas dinner
d. presents

4. My Christmas present was __________ .

a. a doll
b. a dress
c. a pudding
d. a stocking

Task 3. Write short answers to the questions.

  1. Who invited me to London?
  2. Where did Molly and I put the stockings?
  3. What did Molly’s mother cook for Christmas dinner?
  4. What present did Molly get?


Task1. Complete the sentences with the words: vitamins, rainy, presents, capital

  1. You should take _____________ to be healthy.
  2. London is the ___________ of Great Britain.
  3. People usually receive ______________ at the New Year party.
  4. The weather is usually ___________ in autumn.

Task 2. Choose the correct form of the verbs to complete the sentences.

1.Ben and Henry … their friends in the pool last Saturday.

a. meet
b. are meeting
c. met
d. have met

2. What … you … Next Sunday?

a. do … do
b. will … do
c. did … do
d. have … done

3. My aunt … happy to see me yesterday.

a. is
b. was
c. will be
d. has been

4. I … about the excursion to the museum yet.

a. don’t hear
b. won’t hear
c. didn’t hear
d. haven’t heard

Task 3. Write a letter to your pen friend about your last holidays. Use the plan below:

  • when you had the holidays;
  • where you spent them;
  • what places you visited;
  • why you liked / disliked them.


Look at the picture.

What do you think of Test 7 Year 5? I hope it wasn’t too difficult to do the tasks. What task of Test 7 Year 5 was the most difficult for you / the easiest / the most interesting?