Do this exercise for writing

An international camp organization has a blog about children’s camps. They want people to write about their first time at a camp. Write a report for the blog about your first time at a children’s camp. Your report has to be no less than 100 words.

  • Introduce yourself and the camp you were at.
  • Describe life at the camp (food, activities, etc.).
  • Say what you liked best about the camp.


In my opinion it is a great idea to have a blog where children can share their impressions of their first stay at a camp.

As far as I am concerned, I am a Ukrainian teenager and I am eager to write  about my first camp. It was in Austria near Vienna, the capital city of Austria. I was ten years old and I arrived at a camp with a group of kids from Ukraine. We got there by bus, which was a long and tiring journey.

Our camp was situated in the countryside in a very picturesque place with stunning views. There were hills covered with forest and a beautiful lake nearby.

It was my first trip to a Europenan country and I was impressed by many things. Firstly, the good quality of the roads. Secondly, the neatness of towns and cities. Thirdly, I enjoyed the comfort of the rooms in our hotel.

The life in the camp was very interesting and our activity instructors were very friendly, careful and creative. They organized various contests, competitions and games. Moreover, we did sports and went on excursions. I keep unforgetable memories of visiting the fire station where I was greatly suprised by modern firefighting equipment.

My knowledge of English helped me to make friends with a boy from Germany who sold sweets at the reception. It was his summer part-time job. It’s cool that teenagers abroad can work in summer and earn some money for a new gadget or clothes.

The food was very delicious there. Especially I liked the traditional Austrian strudel.

Best of all I liked our trip to one of the cities where there was a big festival with contests and entertainments.

I think camps are worth visiting.