A  Letter to a Friend

You have just returned from the first lesson of English language course in London. Write a letter to your Ukrainian friend about this lesson where you will:

  • inform about the topic of the lesson;

  • describe your first impression concerning the group and the groupmates;

  • describe your English teacher and the types of activities at the lesson.

Write a letter of at least 100 words. Do not write any dates or addresses.

Dear Max,
I’m so happy to study in London. Our English language course is great! It is held in a college not far from central London.
Let me tell you about my first day in the language course. The topic of our first lesson was “About Myself”. We told about ourselves, our likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests, fascinating facts about our hometowns and native countries. It was great to listen to my groupmates. As for me, I was proud to speak about Ukraine. There were ten students in our class, all from different European countries.
My first impressions of my classmates are really good. My new friends are easy-going, sociable and good-humoured. They are enthusiastic and confident in their desire to learn English. But it is our teacher Miss Brown who produced a deep impression on me. She is rather young, about 35 years old, intelligent and friendly. Miss Brown is a creative, talented and highly qualified teacher. We like her professional skills and erudition, her good knowledge of British history and culture.
Miss Brown started our first lesson with a quiz. She told us that aim of the quiz was to find out our aptitude for foreign language learning. Besides, the teacher tested our knowledge of the English grammar. Although we worked hard about three hours, all of us enjoyed the creative and encouraging atmosphere of the lesson.
And now I’m waiting for my next English lesson.
Lots of love,