Tell about the role of art in our life

Art is an essential part of each state, city and person`s life. The word “art” has a set of definitions, characteristics and peculiarities but each person imagines and interprets it in a special way.

People sometimes ask questions, “Is Dali`s painting art? And Shakespeare`s sonnets?” and without hesitation or doubt they give a positive answer to these questions. “And is a sunset, combining inexpressible saturation colours, art? And the first smile of a child?” Every person has his own answer to these questions because each of us has a personal view of the world and we look at surrounding reality from differentangles.

In my opinion, art is an imaginative reflection of reality, the main goal of which is interrelation of people with something wonderful, sensitive, interesting and beautiful, sometimes even unexplainable and contradictory. I think that cinema, painting, architecture and other kinds of art should arouse different emotions, feelings and thoughts in human soul and mind. Undoubtedly, the same work of art can stir up absolutely opposite feelings in people`s souls. For example, looking at the fresco “Last Judgement” by Michelangelo, the splendid and talented creator of the Renaissance era, in the Sistine Chapel, some people admire the beauty of conveyed images, other people think about the idea of world division into saints and sinners, someone thinks about the correlation between good and evil and this consequence of emotions and thoughts can be endlessly continued.

All kinds of art enrich our inner world and give us new knowledge about surrounding world. In works of art we see the author`s point of view on some situations or generalised knowledge of the creator, expressed with the help of artistic images. We can agree or disagree with the author`s opinion because each person has his own vision of the world and there is no right or wrong opinion – so many men, so many minds.

Art plays a great role in our life as long as it makes us think about significant problems and things, happening around us, till art excites human mind and does not leave us indifferent. Great classical writers such as Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Bulgakov and others touched very important problems of mankind in their works: love and hate, war and peace, guilt and repentance, talent and mediocrity, friendship and betrayal. I think that dramatic plots, described in works of these great authors, will help people to revalue their attitude to life, warn and stop them from cruel, thoughtless or unfair actions.

Influence of art on people is great. It can make us smile or cry, love or hate, be glad or be worried. It can inspire or make us pluck up our courage when we are spiritually and morally broken. Art sometimes can be the only means, which can inspire a heroic deed or support us in a difficult situation. It was so during the years of war. People were morally exhausted and suffered under the burden of losses. And when there was no force to fight and there was no force to live, art gave confidence to people, brought into the atmosphere of ruin and panic some inexpressible atmosphere of warmth and care, gave people “second wind” and made them live again, love and fight for happiness. Soldiers went to the battle, singing military songs about feat of arms, honour, motherland, love and about native home, and feelings, arousing by these songs, overshadowed feelings of fear, horror and pain.