Write about your dream school

My dream school will be near the river beach. There will be  lots of trees, a dolphinarium, an aquapark and a wonderful garden. Students will be able to swim in the river at their swimming  classes.
The school will be big and modern. It will have big windows and big classrooms. There will also be a really good tennis court, a big swimming pool, a big playground, and football field.
Each classroom will have an interactive whiteboard, computers and a large TV.  There will be free internet at school. Each student will have a laptop to study and during the breaks students will be able to communicate on their laptops in English with friends from other cities, schools and countries. Children will use the virtual reality to communicate.
In the canteen, the best food will be cooked, in particular, Georgian and Ukrainian dishes, and each student will be able to choose what he or she would like to eat.
The teachers at the school will be very kind, they will have time to do everything in class. The children will also be very friendly.
The lessons will start at 9 o’clock and end at 3 o’clock. Even high school students will have only 7 lessons. And junior students will have 4 lessons.  Each lesson will last 40 minutes. The break will be 15 minutes and the longest break will be 20 minutes.
I love my perfect school.