Write about the place you live in. Level A2

Give some information about:

  • its location on the map of Ukraine;
  • its nature and attractive places;
  • why you are proud of living here;
  • what you would like to change to make it look better.

Kaniv is an amazing town. It is in the centre of Ukraine. Kaniv stands on the river Dnipro, the biggest river in Ukraine and one of the biggest in Europe. Kaniv is located on the hills and each hill has a name.

Kaniv is old, green and beautiful. This year we are going to celebrate 940th anniversary of our hometown. Kaniv is amazing especially in spring when all trees and flowers are in blossom. Nature in my hometown is unique. There is a nature reserve in the outskirts of Kaniv where there are a lot of animals and plants which are in the Red Book of Ukraine. There are some places to visit in Kaniv. My favourite place is Shevchenko museum on Tarasova Hill. There is one more place which is worth visiting: it’s an old church Uspensky Cathedral in Soborna Square.

I’m proud to live in Kaniv! This is the place where I was born, where my friends and family live.

I would like Kaniv to be more modern. I think we need new roads, a cinema and some new shops, hotels, a swimming pool, and a sport centre.

Wherever I am in future, Kaniv will be in my heart forever.