Read about doves

We may see doves in town and in the country. They live in flocks of twenty or more. The doves are about twelve inches long. They are usually of an ash-grey color.

Their bill is brown, their eyes are yellow, with a red circle round them. Some people find doves very pretty.

The wood dove makes its nest of sticks in a high tree. Here it lays two eggs, and has only one brood a year.

The note of the dove is very pleasant. It coos in most gentle and sweet tones.

People often tame doves. We can see them in large numbers in many places where they are fed. Town doves use ledges of high buildings for their nests. The doves remember their nests very well and always come back to them. People know it and teach them to carry messages from one place to another.

Answer the questions:

Where do doves live?

What do they look like?

Where do they make their nests?

What can you say about the note of the dove?

Do people often tame doves?

What do they teach them to do?

Read the story and find out why the bee stung the boy.

The Dove and the Bee

One day a bee fell into the water. It was a bad fall, fo the bee got wet and could not fly up. She could not swim.

A dove saw it. She took a leaf in her beak and dropped it into the water near the bee. The bee crawled upon the leaf and floated to land.

One day this dove was making a nest. She flew here and there to get leaves and hay. A boy saw the dove and thought, “I shall throw a stone at that dove and kill her.” As he held up the stone, the bee saw him and stung him on the hand. The boy jumped up and dropped the stone. So the dove flew away safe.

Memorize the proverb:

One good turn desrves another. – Послуга за послугу.

 Answer quickly!

  1. Who fell into the water?
  2. Who saw it?
  3. What did the dove drop into the water?
  4. Who was going to kill the dove?
  5. How did the bee help the dove?