Learn the words to say what you, your friends and animals can do.

can – могти

cannot, can’t – не могти

hop – стрибати, скакати

fly – літати

walk – ходити, гуляти


He can swim. He is a boy. It can swim. It is a hippo. It cannot swim. It is a lion. She cannot fly. She is girl. It cannot fly. It is an elephant. It can fly. It is a bird. He can run. He is a boy. It cannot run. It is a fish. It can run. It is a zebra.

Can the lion swim? No, it can’t swim. Can the giraffe swim? No, it can’t swim. Can the fish swim? Yes, it can.

Can the bird fly? Yes, it can. Can the cat fly? No, it can’t. Can the owl run? No, it can’t.

Can the horse run? Yes, it can. Can the fish walk? No, it can’t. Can the lion walk? Yes, it can.

Can the elephant jump? No, it can’t. Can the monkey jump? Yes, it can.

Is it big? Yes. Can it fly? No. Can it swim? Yes. Is it a crocodile? Yes!

I can draw and I can write my name. I can count to twenty. I can sing. I can say the ABC.

Did You Know This?

An elephant is very big but it can swim. These fish live in water but they can fly. A bat lives in trees. It can hang upside down. A dolphin is an animal but it can play basketball. A zebra is black and white. It can hide in long grass. A cheetah can run faster than a man. This lizard can lose its tail. A bear can climb trees and find honey!

live in water – жити у воді

a bat – летюча миша

hang upside down – висіти догори ногами

a dolphin – дельфін

play basketball – грати у баскетбол

hide – ховатися

long grass – висока трава

a cheetah – гепард

run faster than a man – бігти швидше, ніж людина

a lizard – ящірка

lose – губити

climb trees – лазити по деревах

find – знаходити

honey – мед

Have More Practice

Say what you can and can’t do. Then ask your friend.

I can …  I can’t …   Can you … ?

ride a bike





count to 10

count to 20

colour pictures

turn around

play games

read English



clap hands


say the ABC

draw a tree

draw an elephant

write in English

play the flute

stand on head

climb a wall

climb a tree

run a race

say “red lorry, yellow lorry” ten times

play computer games

speak English

name toys in English


touch the floor


write the ABC