Learn to speak about animals


a hippo – бегемот

an elephant – слон

a crocodile – крокодил

a giraffe – жираф

a camel – верблюд

a lion – лев

a neck – шия

a tail – хвіст

a trunk – хобот

teeth – зуби



Hippos are big. They have little ears. Crocodiles are long. They have big mouths.

Elephants are big. They have long noses. Camels are brown. They have long legs.

Giraffes are tall. They have long necks. Lions are big. They have long tails.

They have long necks. They’re giraffes. They have small ears. They’re hippos.

They have big mouths. They’re crocodiles. They have long tails. They’re lions.

They have long noses. They’re elephants. They have long legs. They’re giraffes.

Elephants have big ears. We have little ears. Hippos have little ears and we have little ears.

Giraffes have long necks. We have short necks. Camels have long legs. We have short legs.

Owls have big eyes and we have big eyes. Crocodiles have big mouths. We have little mouths.

Big animals: elephants, hippos, lions, giraffes

Little animals: owls, monkeys, rabbits, cats

Elephants have long trunks. Zebras have four legs. Hippos have little ears. Giraffes have very long necks. Crocodiles have big teeth. Monkeys have tails.


An elephant

Right foot, left foot, see me go.

I am big and grey and slow.

Here I am, in the street,

With my long nose and four big feet.

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