Write about a difficult journey. Use the questions to help you:

  • Who was with you? What were you doing?
  • What happened in the forst week?
  • Whar happened in the second week?
  • How were you feeling in the third week?
  • What happened in the end and how did you feel?

I want to tell you about a dangerous and difficult journey which my friends and I had last summer.

We had a rest in Greece. One day we felt bored and decided to do something exciting. I suggested to sail around the Greek islands.

There were three of us in the boat. While we were sailing around the islands, the storm started. There were very high waves, and suddenly Tom fell into the water. Luckily, he was rescued by another boat of fisherman who appeared to be nearby. It was the first unpleasant adventure which happened with us in the first week of our rest.

We had an accident in the second week. We visited an island with beautiful mountains. As soon as we climbed the top of the mountain Jack fell onto some rocks and hurt his knee badly. That’s why we had to consult the doctor.

We felt very tired in the third week. We sailed to a small island where we met friendly and hospitable people. We tried fantastic food and drinks. We were happy because there weren’t any bad adventures in the third week.

We felt wonderful at the end of our journey. It was unforgetable.