Why Is Travelling So Popular?

Why do people travel? People like a change, so they want to see other towns and cities, countries and continents to discover new things. The best way to study geography is to travel. The best way to get to know and understand people, their customs and traditions is to meet them in their own homes. That’s why travelling is so popular.

Year 6 Level A2

Why Do People Travel?

  1. People are fond of travelling.
  2. They travel for pleasure.
  3. Many people travel on business.
  4. People enjoy traveling by plane, by train, by ship.
  5. People travel by bus, by car, by motorbike or by scooter.
  6. People travel by boat, by bicycle, on horseback or on foot.
  7. They pack their luggage into bags, suitcases, backpacks.
  8. People go to different parts of the native country and abroad.
  9. They go sightseeing in different cities.
  10. People visit cathedrals, museums, theatres and cinemas.
  11. Tourists see places full of wonders.
  12. People are fond of spending time on the beaches lying in the sun.
  13. Some people adore surfing, windsurfing and yachting.
  14. Some people like hiking, camping and climbing the mountains.
  15. Some people have fun swimming and scuba diving.
  16. Others prefer hunting with camera.
  17. Traveling people admire the beauty of nature.
  18. Traveling people learn more about culture and traditions of different nations.