Read the text and put the sentences in the correct order.

I have to help my parents because they are very busy at work. My mother is a doctor and she spends a lot of time in the hospital. Sometimes she even has to work on weekends. My father is a driver. He often goes to other towns on business. So I have to do a lot of house chores. I go shopping and do the washing up. But I am not good at it. I often break plates and I always forget to buy something in the supermarket. And most of all I hate cleaning my room. When my room is tidy, I can’t find anything there.

What I really like is growing flowers. I have a lot of flowers at home and in spring and summer I grow flowers in the garden. All my friends say that my flowers are very beautiful. I am glad to see their happy faces when I give them flowers.

___ a) My hobby is growing flowers.

___ b) I don’t like house chores.

___ c) I enjoy giving flowers to my friends.

___ d) My parents work a lot and don’t have time for house chores.

Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.

1. My parents … .

a. work hard

b. aren’t busy

c. spend much time at home

d. don’t work


2. My mother spends much time … .

a. in other towns

b. at home

c. in the garden

d. at work


3. Most of all I don’t like … .

a. doing the shopping

b. washing up

c. tidying my room

d. growing flowers


4. I feel … to give flowers to my friends.

a. sad

b. unhappy

c. pleased

d. angry


Write short answers to the questions.

1) Where does my mother work?


2) Where does my father often go?


3) What house chores do I usually do?


4) What is my hobby?




Complete the sentences with the words.

straight     headache     church       primary
  1. On Easter Ukrainian people go to _____________ with baskets.
  2. Betty didn’t sleep well last night and now she has got a terrible
  3. English children from5 to 11 years old go to ______________ school.
  4. My cousin has got short ___________ hair and brown eyes.

Choose the correct form of the verbs to complete the sentences.

1. I always … my teeth in the morning.

a) clean         b) am cleaning          c) cleaned          d) has cleaned

2. … you … the film yesterday?

a) Do … enjoy           b) Did … enjoy        c) Are … enjoying          d) Will … enjoy

3. Diana … this book in the library tomorrow.

a) takes        b) will take          c) took          d) has taken

4. … Paul ever … a car?

a) Does … drive         b) Is … driving          c) Did … drive        d) Has … driven

Write a letter to your pen friend about your best friend. Use the plan below:

  • your friend’s name and age;
  • what he / she looks like;
  • his / her hobby;
  • what you like doing together.