Speak about a TV personality who you like. Include:

  • His / Her name

  • What he / she usually do (present, tell jokes, dance, etc.)

  • What other projects he / she has been involved in

  • Why you like him / her

Volodymyr Zelenskyi is one of the best-known faces on television and the host of many shows.

He was born on January 25, 1978 at Krivoy Rog. Volodymyr studied in Krivoy Rog in Gymnasium No. 95 with in-depth study of English. When he was a child he was very active. As a small boy, Zelensky dreamed that he would become a frontier guard, and when he grew up, his dream became the profession of an interpreter and diplomat.

He trained as a lawyer and graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Krivoy Rog branch of the Kiev State University but he’s found success on TV thanks to his husky voice, his humour and his personality.

He firstap peared on TV on the comedy show, KVN. He started working there as a choreographer working on dance routines, but his role grew and he became a regular member of the comedy team.

Then in 1997 he moved with his KVN team to an other show  Studio Kvartal 95 . Then he became a host of this show. Zelenskyi was a main presenter, but he also took part in sketches and wrote a lot of the jokes. By 1999 it was one of the most popular shows on TV.  

Apart from Kvartal 95, Volodymyr works on other projects. In the past, these have included presenting, for example, Mr. Cook (a cooking show), Song of the Year.  He also takes part in such programmes as Evening Quartal  and Laughing Comedian. As an actor Volodymyr has starred in such films as Office RomanceLove in the Big City  and  Eight First Dates. As a scriptwriter he’s worked on Bon Appetit, Chasing Two Hares and Matchmakers.

He’s a very busy man. The key to his success is that he likes hard work and making people heppy.

I like Volodymyr Zelenskyi because he is funny, he has good sense of humor, and he tells really good jokes .