Tell about your friend

Taya is my friend. She is 11. She looks like her dad. She is pretty. She has long, straight blond hair. Her face is oval. Her eyes are brown. Taya has got a cousin, but she hasn’t got brothers and sisters. My friend is very kind and helpful. She is very smart and easy-going.

She is Ukrainian. She lives in Ukraine in a small town Kaniv. There are some old buildings in this town. The oldest building is Uspensky Cathedral. The people in this town are kind and friendly.

Taya studies three languages at school: English, Ukrainian and German. She likes reading books and listening to English music.

My friend likes dancing and drawing very well. She attends dancing classes. She is good at drawing and she attends art classes and participates in all school concerts.

I love animals and she loves animals too. Her favourite animals are dogs.

It’s important to have a good friend!