Read about storks and answer the questions. Use the questions as a plan to speak about these beautiful birds.

We may find storks almost all over the world. With the change of the seasons they fly from one country to the another.

The stork is a large bird, white and black in colour. It flies lightly at a great height. When it flies, it stretches out its legs and neck.

The stork makes its nest on tree tops and on the roofs and chimneys ot the houses.

A pair of storks will use the same nest year after year. A pile of sticks and branches with a lining of grass make a big nest.

The number of eggs is generally four. They are white, sometimes with pink spots.

Storks feed on frogs, mice, snakes and insects. Generally they look for their food on the river banks and in marshes. Sometimes, however, they look for grasshoppers in dry open plains. They like them very much.

One of the oddest things about the stork is the strange noise which it makes with its beak – a sharp sound.

Storks are very kind to their young.

  1. Where do storks live?
  2. When do they fly from one country to another?
  3. Do they fly at a great height?
  4. How do they fly?
  5. Where does the stork make its nest?
  6. What can you say about its nest?
  7. How many eggs does it lay?
  8. What colour are the eggs?
  9. What is the storks food?

Do you agree with the farmer?

One day a farmer set a net in his fields to catch the cranes and geese which came to eat his corn. Some of these birds were caught in the net, and there was a stork among them. The stork asked the farmer to set him free. “I am not a goose or a crane but a poor harmless stork,” said he. “I did not come to steal your corn. I just happened to pass that way.”

“All this may be true,” answered the farmer, “but as I have caught you with the thieves, you must suffer the same punishment.”

These sentence are not true. Correct them.

  1. Bees live in a cage.
  2. A dog lives in a nest.
  3. Pigs live in a hive.
  4. A parrot lives in a kennel.
  5. Hens live in a sty.
  6. A sparrow lives in a coop.