Do you like watching TV?

What is your favourite TV programme?

I like traveling, it is one of my favourite activities. I’m not crazy about watching TV but I sometimes watch it. My favorite TV programme is Heads and Tails.

These travel series were launched in 2010. This programme is a travelling adventure. It has become the best entertainment.

Heads and Tails is hosted by two co-hosts. In each episode, the show visits another location in the world for one weekend. One of the hosts (determined by a coin toss) receives a credit card with unlimited credit (in practice, this has been limited to $30,000 US per day), called the Gold Card, while the other has to spend the weekend with $100 US including all expenses.

At the end of the the show the hosts hide a bottle with $100 in each visited location for travelers to find.

I like this programme because it’s educational. You can see different countries and find out the way of life, go on interesting excursions, try various cuisine. It’s a useful programme because you learn how to book a hotel, how to spend money sensibly.

In future I would like to take part in this show. But to do this I must speak English fluently.