Write about your ideal school


My ideal school is near the ocean beach. The children can go boating  with their friends and they also can play with dolphins.

The school is big and modern. There are big windows. There is a big football field and a big playground. And there is a modern gym for older children. There is a swimming pool on the school roof. Where children can play water  games.

Classrooms are light and spacious. There are interactive white boards and TV sets. Every child has a laptop, and he or she can chat with friends or teachers on the internet.

Some subjects like Maths, English, German, French, Ukrainian Literature  and others are compulsory. Subjects like photography, swimming, and crafts are optional.



There are lots of delicious dishes in canteen. You can choose different dishes such as healthy burgers, salads, juice or cola.

Teachers are friendly and not too strict. They often play games with children. There aren’t any bad marks.

Classes start at 8.00. There are two big breaks after the third and  fourth lessons. Classes are 30 minutes long. All lessons are not boring. There are lots of trips around Ukraine and to different countries of the world.

Students mustn’t  do anything  dangerous. They can’t leave school, but they can go to the playground and they mustn’t miss school. It’s a popular school.