A friend from Britain is coming to stay with you for a weekend.

Write an email about your plans for the visit.



Hi Bella,

I am just writing to check that everything`s OK for your visit.

I think you’ll like Kaniv. On Saturday morning we are doing a car tour with my parents because they really want to show you the town. We`ll be free in the afternoon, so we`ll probably meet my friend and we could either walk around the town or go to Shevchenko museum. It`s up to you. I expect we`ll end up in one of the cafes in the centre of my hometown.

On Sunday, maybe we could catch a bus somewhere. There are some typical Ukrainian villages around here, like Liplyavo and Pekari. There isn`t much to do there, but they are nice places with  beautiful forests and the views are fantastic there. I`ll get some photos and you can have a look.

We`re going to meet you at the railway station tomorrow, so can you remind me what time your train gets in?

Looking forward to seeing you,